Wisdom in two words

Care for body & mind Eat smart. Eat vegetables. Eat superfoods. Weigh daily. Move more. Meditate daily. Do mini-meditations. Sleep well. Walk tall. Check posture. Sun myself. Look attractive. Achieve stuff Do stuff. Work hard. Implement decisions. Follow through. Show grit. Push through. Dig deep. Start today. Keep going. Finish stuff. Try again. Try it. […]

Share investing mantras

Companies hide bad news Companies over-promise Planning fallacy –everything x2 Margin of safety Regression to the mean Confirmation bias Over-confidence, dead-certs, etc Wait for the fat … [Read More...]

Script the Critical Moves

  “For days I had worried that I’d be unable to get through the final lines of the lecture without choking up. So I had a contingency plan. I placed the last four sentences of the talk on four slides. If … [Read More...]

Biotech experts worth listening to

Good biotech posters on Hot Copper Plasmid Roselette bs2011 MedTech cafa legume Lopez kates9999   … [Read More...]

Demonstrations and explanations of how ASX biotech products work

Impedimed (IPD) L-Dex U400 training Video Loaded 4 Jan 2016 127 views at 17/3 ITL Health (ITD) MyHealthTest Buy online for $35 How to use the MyHealthTest kit   … [Read More...]

Positive forecasts for 2H 2016

  Stock date forecast comment IDT (IDT Australia) 19/2 “the company aims for a profitable second half” IDT appears to be a serial disappointer … [Read More...]

Biotechs behaving badly

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