100 things I want to do

Here’s one way to help you get what we want out of life:

  1. work out the things you want to do.
  2. Write those things down somewhere safe so you don’t forget them. 
  3. Visit that list often to remind yourselfs what you want to do.
  4. Do those things.
  5. Keep a record of which things on your list you’ve done to remind yourself you can get yourself to do things!
  6. Rate how each thing turned out, to remind yourself that usually motivating yourself to do things usually pays off.

That process may all sound rather complicated, but it’s not–just use this simple form:

  1. Write the activities you want to do in the To Do column.
  2. Add new activities to the list as you think of them.
  3. As you do each of those things, physically drag the activity from  the To Do column to the Done column.
  4. Write a short comment on how satisfied you were with how the activity turned out.
  5. Periodically admire your growing list of completed activities that worked out well and tell yourself, “I am a doer. I do things! And those things are good.”

Here is an example: Go here to create your own list.

100 things to do

To do



 watch Duck Soup  sign up to Kiva   very happy
 buy dancing shoes  buy new computer  very happy
write to AB    
 write to DM    
 go to Vietnam    
 make a you tube with webcam