week 2 videos


1. Remodelling the brain – lecture by Prof. Heidi Johansen-Berg: juggling grows white and grey matter: 17 min 20 sec to 19.00 m ; ((exercise grows hippocampus:  33 min to 35:55))

9 (b) Learn to juggle ( 5 min)


2 (a). Posit science and the IMPACT study: brain training does improve memory (5 min)

2(b). Dr. Mercola and Dr. Merzenich Discuss Brain Plasticity ( from 1 min 50 sec to 10min 48 sec)

2(c).Computer Games Reverse Mental Decline (5 mins)


3(a)chip Heath: why change is so hard (4 min)


Roy Baumeister: Willpower: Self-control, decision fatigue, and energy ( 6 min 8 sec to 11 min 40 sec)


4. Saffron

Saffron vs. Prozac (2 min)

Saffron for the treatment of Alzheimer’s (2 min 39 sec)

Saffron versus Aricept (1 min 28 sec)

5. Scan for the positive (1):


Martin Seligman (1 min)

Martin Seligman – three Good Things (1 min)


Dan Heath: How to Find Bright Spots (3 min 35 sec)


Catch them when they’re doing good things: Dr. Ivan Joseph at TEDxRyersonU ( from 8 min 50 sec to 11 min 19 sec)


7. Keep anti-oxidant levels up all during the day:

Antioxidant Rich Foods With Every Meal (5 min)


Minimum Recommended Daily Allowance of Antioxidants (4 min)



8. evernote

What is Evernote? (Animated Infographic) (6 min)

My 5 Favorite Evernote Features






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