week 4

7 (a). Posit science and the IMPACT study: brain training does improve memory (5 min)

recent podcast start from 22 min to 31 min



double decision and car accidents study (5 min)


(5 min)


Has video explaining road tour/double decision)

2. Remodelling the brain – lecture by Prof. Heidi Johansen-Berg: juggling grows white and grey matter: 17 min 20 sec to 19.00 m ; ((exercise grows hippocampus:  33 min to 35:55))

learn to juggle ( 2 min)

9 (b) Learn to juggle ( 5 min)




1.  The Calm Break/ The mindfulness moment/meditation minute

paul wilson: 1 min

1 (b) dealing with spontaneous thoughts during meditation


2. Mindfulness Ellen Langer-style


Ellen Langer on Mindfulness (5 min)


3. The Science of Persuasion Robert Cialdini (11 min)


4.tiny habits


Switch: Shrink the Change With One-Minute Praisings

learn charisma



(a)the sitting test

(b) stool transit time (1 min 50 sec)

(c) bristol stool scale (3 min)



charisma 2 min 30 sec





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