research academics course session one

Daniel kahneman

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1:58 – key academic quality

Conversations with History: Daniel Kahneman

three minutes from 15:15 to 18.50

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Daniel Kahneman
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Albert Bandura: Inside the psychologist’s studiopicturing a better academic research culture (and the power of hanging around good company)from 11′ 42″ to 13’29”YouTube Preview ImageRoy Baumeister: Zurich Minds InterviewA man with a BHAG! His tribe is worth joining!21’42”YouTube Preview ImageInteresting comment  on how male and female students seem to need different supervising approaches


Steven Pinker, “The Sense of Style”


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Elliot Aronson: The Scientist and the Humanist

grit: 3’10”

read out loud 23′


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 Tim Noakes: The Mindset to Succeed

inspiring message from 9’45”

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How much exercise is too much? | Tim Noakes

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watch from start to 1′, then from 13′ 48″

 Stephen Pinker talking on being a scientist
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Dear 16-year-old me
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The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century

low-hanging fruit – white space; long sentences writing style errors

hang around good company


read out loud

the magic formula

writing – music

collect positive propaganda words: grit, white space,

every good writer seems to have a back story

learning the rules of good writing style is easier than learning the rules of bridge.

You write for a living. Get good at your craft. Learn how to do it now and reap the benefits for 40 years!

Professional sports people have coaches. Why not you? Perhaps the only thing standing in the way of your getting a million-dollar grant is your writing ?

the MI question


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  1. Very interesting website and useful info indeed.

    • Thanks, Tom, for your encouraging words!

      This post on academics was my notes for a session I ran for early career research academics from school of psychology and exercise science at murdoch uni a few weeks ago.

      The post doesn’t make much sense as it stands, but I plan to include the material in a larger collection of useful information I am compiling for research academics in general.

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