academic session 3

Week 3: Learn how to handle the painful publication process, ask for help and to find inspiring people to hang around with.

Preparation work (about 5 hours)

Read p 71 – 76 of Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words

Then read these short pieces from the handbook How to be a Good Academic Researcher:

Page 43: David Pannell’s advice on handling the publication process

Page 42: Carol Dweck’s advice on handling getting a paper rejected the Growth-Mindset way.

Page 40: The pottery jugs story.

Page 39: How to write up more papers in less time.

Page 71: The Reciprocity Ring: a practical tool for you and your colleagues to help each other.

Page 32:  ResearchGate and sign up if you haven’t already done so.

Page 90+ and then page 13+: Eminent psychologist, Richard Nisbett’s amusing and wise advice to young research academics: The Anti-Creativity Letters: Advice from a senior tempter to a junior tempter.

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