Short videos offering valuable life lessons

Life lessons: Wisdom from the old, looking back

1. 80-year- old Bob Hawke, former prime minister of Australia,  being interviewed by Andrew Denton, presenter of the TV program Elders.

ANDREW DENTON: Final question. To a young man, early 20s, the same age you were when you set out for Oxford, what advice would you give them about how to approach life?

BOB HAWKE: The thing I would stress first of all is education because education doesn’t finish at secondary school. Education is a lifelong thing, so I’d say to them keep learning, keep learning, keep learning.

Secondly, I would say helping others to develop their potential is just about the most satisfying thing you can do. So just don’t think about advancing your own interest but, in whatever way you can, try to help those around you. This is both the right and the good thing to do. Also it’ll make your own life more satisfying.

2. Pearls of Wisdom: a charming 6-minute video offering snippets of advice from some older folk: